Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

An effectively managed Affiliate Marketing program will increase sales 10-30% over and above the e-commerce website within 90 to 120 days after launching the program. Ap media agency has relationships with a variety of affiliate networks that enable us to offer our clients very competitive network fees. Our experienced team provides the know-how and resources needed to select the network that is right for your brand and help you launch/maintain a successful program with several departments. We serve as the contact between your company and the network to maximize the performance of this online channel. We do this through customized recruiting tactics and individually crafted campaigns with our creative department.

Selection of Affiliate Networks:

Determines which affiliate network(s) best represents your brand and will provide the most value to your company.

Initial Program Setup:

Provides assistance in negotiating terms and setting up the accounts on the affiliate networks to meet your target ROI.

Affiliate Application Recruiting & Approving:

Handles the recruiting process to solicit publishers to join your program and accepting the application based on customer needs.

Ad Creation & Management:

Monitors the performance of the ads that are being used by affiliates to ensure proper representation of your brand or products. this department provides insight to optimize the ads for maximum performance.

Communication with Affiliates:

Establishes and maintains communications with the affiliates and develops a rapport with your key affiliates to ensure a successful program.

Best Practices:

Handles and implements the best practices regarding publisher communication, banner and ad testing, product feeds, and continued optimization.