Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

AP Media Agency offers three basic types of direct mail campaigns; Customer List, Targeted Saturation List, and Prospect List. Our direct mail experts can assist you in determining which approach is most appropriate for you or if using various types could offer more of an advantage to your targeted ROI. Every client knows that your existing customer represents your greatest business asset. It is likely that you have spent an enormous amount of time, effort, and money developing these relationships, so why let it go to waste? We include your customer list for your next direct mail campaign.

FIND YOUR AUDIENCE! When you need to find a specific audience for your next direct mail campaign, AP Media Agency can use hundreds of specialty lists and preference and select which are the best prospects for your campaign.

List Types:

➢ Demographic
➢ Psychographic
➢ Ethnicity
➢ New Homeowners
➢ Financial, Investment, Insurance & Mortgage
➢ Home Improvement
➢ Business Lists Political
➢ Automotive
➢ Many Specialty

Calculating your R.O.I.

A direct mail piece with a genuine “call to action” and sent to a properly selected target market should produce a return of 7 to 10 times the investment.


➢ 4 Day Sales Event
➢ 15,000 pieces sent to local area residents
➢ Investment – $5,100
➢ Projected R.O.I. of $40,800 to $51,000 to be judged successful
➢ (It is not unusual for programs to generate even higher rates of returns)

Improving Your R.O.I.

AP Media Agency believes in the process of continual improvement by taking good campaigns and making them GREAT! Every direct mail program run can give additional insights into what drives customers to respond and how future campaigns can be modified to generate even stronger responses.


Build incremental revenue or target your competitor’s customers. If you have a new business or need to find a specific audience to solicit, we can create custom lists to meet any objective.
With the completion of every campaign, our marketing teams review the results with our clients to look for opportunities for improvement. Direct mail offers the unique ability to be evolved quickly based on prior results and become even stronger over time.