Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

AP Media Agency now offers each client the opportunity and access to Mobile Marketing, one of the most effective and rapidly evolving opportunities to engage with target audiences in new ways. Today, cell phones represent the most personal and intimate way to communicate with individuals. However, while mobile marketing offers great promise, there is confusion on where organizations should start with their mobile outreach efforts and how to best reach target audiences. AP Media Agency will help you with the following.

Survey / Trivia / Quizzes

A mobile marketing strategy which gets the mobile user engaged by answering or rating based on a message advertised or call-to-action. This is similar to a physical comment or suggestions box.


Allows the campaign manager to broadcast a message to a campaign or group. It’s as easy as sending a simple email to a group of friends. You can simply input or upload (excel option available) your contacts through an intuitive interface or select a campaign to broadcast a message to the entire group by a click of a button.

Premium SMS

Distribute useful information requested by mobile phone users through the same network used by standard SMS carriers. Now, instead of using SMS only to stay in touch with friends, mobile phone customers can stay connected to what they view as essential information — be it stock prices, flight delays, World Cup scores, or the latest soap opera plot twist. Premium SMS messages — which look just like standard SMS messages — come in three flavors: “blast” messages that are automatically sent by providers as alerts, “be heard” messages enabling the masses to communicate via polls and interactive chats, and “at your request” text that is sent in response to brief user messages. Media companies believe that they can reach a wider audience through premium SMS services because more people have mobile phones with internet access than computers. People crave news updates wherever they are, and TV/radio audiences are more likely to pick up the handy mobile phone than go to a computer to participate. Premium SMS enables providers to enhance their revenues by charging customers fees for these new premium information services.

Alerts / Subscription

Short, punchy and distinct. These spunky tones can alert you discreetly (or tell everyone quite indiscreetly) that you just got a text message. Send your SMS message to the population of the subscription base(ie; bank alerts, market updates, traffic/weather alerts, weekly coupons, etc)

Voting / Polling

One day, we’ll elect our governments this way. Until then, we’ll practice by using our mobile phones to gather opinions on other issues, such as who should win American Idol or who’s the Player of the Game. Mobile voting and polling works. It’s effective and immersive. It engages your customers with your brand and let’s them have a say in it’s future. We can set up your campaign, track it, and deliver you the results. Vote “Yes” to us, and we guarantee you a winner!

Targeted Data Lists

AP Media Agency has a database of 20 Million double opt in consumers who have raised their hands to receive relevant third party marketing promotions via their mobile handsets. The database contains consumers who have provided information through transactional and survey level data. From this, we are able to provide marketers with rich selectivity including lifestyle interest, demographic data, and product level transactional information resulting from a purchase or categorized membership sign up. For example, we can identify basic information such as gender, age, email and postal information. Transactional data identifies what they are signing up for and if they make a purchase on that site, buyer information and product level information is available. Carrying the sports site example forward, consumers are signing up for fantasy sports stats, sports scores, access to online news letter’s etc. If a consumer opts to have this information sent to their mobile device, they are added to our mobile file.