PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

AP Media Agency offers PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing & Management with ease. We offer our clients the luxury of focusing on revenue while the management of PPC marketing is handled by Ap media agency. We know that PPC Marketing is a time consuming marketing tactic which requires the proper professionals who have the up to date skill levels required. We actively research the dynamic changes that search engines continue to make to their PPC offerings.

Our clients' PPC Marketing is handled according to the following.

Strategy Development

Identifies how pay-per-click marketing can benefit your brand and determine the revenue potential and ROI targets that are feasible to reach.

Bid Management & Optimization

Determines how to Get the best placement across search engines and obtain a ROI that is right for your company. They will carefully monitor bids across engines and adjust as necessary to maintain your desired ROI. This requires full time “Eagle Eyes”.

International Search Marketing

Determines how to Leverage your brand effectively into the international market.

Landing Page Testing, Selection & Optimization

Determines how to Maximize paid search conversion rates by testing and optimizing landing pages. We use the most effective landing pages designed by our creative department continuously to effectively match each campaign with the right consumer.

Ad Creation with Multivariate & A/B Testing

Creates and implements effective ads. We test and determine which ads generate the highest click through rate, conversion rate, and drive the most relevant traffic to the site. Then we maximize by implementing those particular strategies to drive higher volume which ultimately delivers higher ROI.

Keyword Expansion & List Building

will do a in depth research to generate and optimize an ongoing keyword list that is most impactful in driving relevant traffic and sales for your brand or product.

Competitive Research (Domestic and International)

understands what your competitors are doing online and responds with unique competitive ad copy and promotions when relevant.

On-going Campaign Analysis & Reporting

requires a full set of trained “Eagle Eyes” on the account at all times. This ensures high performance and that quickly responds to any necessary changes.

Integrate Cross-Channel

uses analytics from your campaign and industry knowledge of the best practices while we integrate your PPC program with your other on and offline marketing efforts to further support your target ROI.