AP Media Agency offers the luxury of remarketing. We know that it’s difficult to keep in touch with past customers who inquired but never purchased your product. We offer remarketing with any marketing services you purchase in order to achieve your lost ROI that has never been acquired. Remarketing is an essential tool of marketing to obtain higher ROI targets that the clients seek.

Remarketing is handled by Ap media agency with the following departments

Remarketing Strategy & Implementation

This department determines the optimal strategy. We select and implement remarketing campaigns on the appropriate creative design required.

Remarketing Management

This department monitors the performance metrics, then designs your program to be optimized on a rolling basis for optimum impact.

Ad Design

This department tailors to your target audience. Therefore, the ads will be designed and written with a copywriter to effectively engage your customers and increase interaction with your brand.

Ad Creative Optimization

This department determines (based on performance), which creative treatments are needed and which material needs to be modified/ optimized over time.

Tracking & Reporting

This department monitors tracking & reporting which includes normal paid search metrics in addition to view-through conversion metrics. Any existing analytics suites/tools already in use will also be integrated into the campaign.

Integration with Marketing Mix

This department handles integrating the remarketing efforts with existing marketing mix including PPC and Display.