AP Media Agency offers the most exclusive telemarketing team that generates highly qualified, targeted leads and actionable market intelligence. Our experienced sales professionals specialize in working with high tech companies that have complex products, or complex sales cycles. Working with us, you can expand your sales team to support your revenue goals without adding overhead. We offer both pay-for-performance and fixed cost pricing models this way you get a measurable, cost effective solution that fits into your unique business. We are proud supporters of our nation and the opportunity that lies ahead. All of our Telemarketing services our handled right here in the USA.

AP Media Agency specializes in the following

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting programs are very effective at generating leads to be converted into qualified business opportunities by your field sales organization. Our customers benefit from improved financial performance, increased predictability in their results, and greater focus on closing revenue for their core business.


Extend your sales team with our experienced inside sales professionals. Increase your revenue by encouraging existing customers to renew contracts and extend service agreements. We can handle your entire maintenance renewal sales function, help you close difficult contract renewal opportunities and manage add-on sales for new contracts. Don’t leave any money on the table; ensure you maximize revenue from even your smallest customers.

Lead Pre-qualification and Event Management

Don’t let any of your leads fall through the cracks. We will manage your inbound inquiries to help you capitalize on the opportunities they represent. In addition, you can use our telemarketing team to drive registration for your marketing events – increasing interest in your products and improving ROI on your marketing spend.

Account Profiling

AP Media Agency has account intelligence programs which are customized to deliver critical, relevant business and uncover hidden opportunities. Using telephone interview techniques, we determine if there are immediate, mid-term, or longer-term sales opportunities in each target prospect account and profiles each account’s needs. This ensures your team has the information needed to contact prospects at the right time with the right product.